About ODScommerce

ODScommerce Inc. is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing company that offers On-Demand e-sourcing solutions and Global commerce project services to SMB’s world-wide. A spin-off by its parent, Moai Technologies, ODScommerce has benefited from Moai’s award winning and proven technology and infrastructure in investments of $72 million. ODScommerce similarly utilizes other proven technologies that enable a cost effective and efficient delivery of supply chain, logistics, quality management, and wide variety of Global commerce projects. Moai’s proven success continues to deliver value to Fortune 500 clients in eighteen countries and their satisfaction reinforces ODScommerce’s standing as a trusted partner. Proof-in-point, Moai clients to date have sourced more than $28 billion in goods and engaged in project services that have realized savings of more than $2 billion.

ODScommerce solutions and project services initially support the planning, purchasing, implementation and management of e-sourcing solutions through the power of the Internet and SaaS model technology. Subsequently, through innovative software products, process and technology, ODScommerce offers a unique portfolio of Knowledge Process Outsourcing solutions and services that span the supply chain and global commerce solutions. Clients can select from a wide portfolio of consulting services that will wrap the e-sourcing process and expect to receive improved work flow efficiencies, reduction in process cycle time, enhanced collaboration with suppliers, improvement in customer services and direct cost reduction.

The OnDemand service model offers flexible solutions that are customized and scaled to meet the needs of individual sourcing organizations, no matter where they are in their e-Sourcing organizational function. ODScommerce will provide and support a closed-end e-sourcing process that delivers an ongoing management electronic facility enabling clients to connect sourcing and procurement to spend analysis and contract management functions within their organizations. At the same time, the e-commerce model leverages the scalability of SaaS architecture that is dynamic in design, compliments organizational growth and facilitates the management of professional relationships between suppliers and customers. E-commerce flexibility offers clients choices that include:

Self Service is for the customer who has the knowledge base of the procurement and sourcing process and is attracted to the range of events provided. The customer will visit the private secured site and to conduct their entire event and manage all of their information. A preliminary training and on-line help is available.

Managed Service is similar to Self Service events, except, ODScommerce assists the customer (buyer) in setting up the events, inviting suppliers and managing all purchased events. This is the optimal choice for those customers looking to use external resources. Training and on-line help is also available.

Full Service events include all aspects of the managed service, ODScommerce assisting the customer (buyer) in setting up the events, inviting suppliers and managing all purchased events. However, full service also provides invaluable data back up and data analysis. Support services including training and on-line help are also available.

Project Services are ODScommerce consulting services for those customers looking to expand on the event services, move into an unexplored area, or improve upon functionalities that already exist.

ODScommerce’s compelling portfolio of OnDemand Services and Knowledge /Business Process Outsourcing Services can be counted on to deliver value by a professional team that understands business drivers and what is necessary to bring clients to world class standards to compete in the global environment. Clients can count on ODScommerce to offer a robust menu of services.

OnDemand Services will include Direct and Indirect Spend Categories for the Infrastructure / Construction and Energy/Utility vertical segments. In all other vertical market segments ODScommerce will offer services to include all Indirect Spend categories.

Knowledge Processing and Business Process Outsourcing can be delivered either through turnkey, bundled or specific services to include:
Contract management Data cleansing
Quality management Content/ catalog management
Category management Outsourced procurement
Logistics & fulfillment Outsourced requisitions
Security & compliance Vendor management

Maintaining and updating supplier data bases Spend analysis data import
Vendor selections Spend analysis content management Order management Spend analysis reporting
Requisition management Executive dashboard
Bill of materials Collaboration on sourcing
Creation Wizard for electronic RFQ, RFP and RFI Programming, integration and IT

To know more about ODScommerce, Inc. please visit http://www.odscommerce.com/about/index.php

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